This smart bike light adjusts its brightness based on your speed

A new smart bike light promises to bring improved safety to cyclists and bike commuters who routinely find themselves out on the road after dark. The Binoreal F1 Radius recently launched on Indiegogo and it brings an array of impressive features designed to help riders be more visible, including automatically  adjusting ...

Dec 7, 2017
Review: The BINOREAL Radius F1 simplifies lighting with the touch of a button

If you saw our list – 13 lights to check out for daylight saving – you may have come across the BINOREAL Radius F1. It’s the latest smart headlight that automatically adjusts based on the riders speed and pushes up to 650 lumens for plenty of visibility.

Dec 6, 2017
Binoreal’s Radius F1 smart bike light self-adjusts to keep you safe in the dark

Look up from your phone or computer for a second. Everything's covered in darkness, right? Well, naturally, at this time of year, we're only graced with a few precious hours of gloomy light per day. That means everything around you is lit up by street lamps, the glow of smartphones and car headlights.

Dec 6, 2017
"Smart" bike light equates brightness with speed

When you're cycling fast at night, it's good to have a bright headlight so you can see what's on the road ahead. Once you slow down, though, you really just need a more energy-efficient low-output light that allows you to be seen by drivers. Binoreal's Radius F1 automatically transitions between the two extremes, based on how fast...

Dec 7, 2017
3 Rad Gear Ideas That Won’t Happen Without Your Help

From time to time we check in on the ever-rotating world of crowdfunded triathlon products. This fall, we look at three cycling ideas coming from producers and wishful inventors. Back one of these prototypes to get in the ground floor, make your training buddies jealous with unique stuff, and help support the little guy.

Nov 22, 2017
Binoreal Kicks Off Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign For Its Smart Bike Light

Have you noticed that bicycles are stealthily taking over our streets once again? According to a 2016 survey, almost 12.4% of Americans developed the habit of cycling on a regular basis – the number always growing at a steady pace each year.

Dec 14, 2017
BINOREAL launches speed-controlled bike light

Lighting brand BINOREAL launched the Radius F1 front smart bike light this week.

The light adapts brightness and lighting mode automatically to help cyclists commute more safely...

Dec 20, 2017
Binoreal Radius F1. La luce intelligente per la bicicletta

Binoreal Radius F1 è la prima “smart bike light” con emissione di luce controllata a velocità regolare per una visibilità notturna perfetta a qualsiasi andatura.

Mentre ci sono già altri fari per bici dotati di accelerometro che aumentano bruscamente  il fascio di luce quando si va più veloce, ...

Dec 16, 2017
Radius F1: the speed-sensing, auto-adjusting bike light

Radius F1 is a new smart bike light that helps ensure riders are visible on the road.

We’ve seen other intelligent bike lights but this is the only one that has speed-controlled light output, i.e. as you ride faster, the it gets brighter; when you slow down, it dims. This not only ensures you are visible on the road and can see what’s ...

Dec 14, 2017