Binoreal is an emerging new brand, dedicated to creating innovative lighting products for active outdoor people. A leader in smart light technology, we are committed to engineering imaginative new products that blend technological advancements with an eye for design.

Our founder, Steve Pan, brings more than a decade of experience in the lighting industry to Binoreal along with a lifelong dedication to advancing products that reflect the highest quality and design standards. A discriminating light enthusiast who has long refused to compromise form, function, or user experience in his own lighting products, Steve was routinely disappointed with the construction and design of many bike lights he examined. Convinced that cycling electronics could be greatly improved, Steve founded Binoreal with the ambition of creating the optimal smart light for cycling.

Steve believes a good bike is a work of art, and that its light should share that level of artistry and innovation. Toward that goal, he teamed up with one of the premier German designers in the lighting industry, Stefan Feustel, whose minimalist style Steve had long admired.

Steve’s perfectionist approach has attracted other elite collaborators to join his team, from a respected electronics engineer in the smartphone industry to a mold engineer well-known in automotive circles. Along with other talented designers ready to lend their innovations to the cycling world, Binoreal is eager to introduce a new wave of outdoor lighting products designed without compromise.